Okunola iyanuoluwa

May 8, 2003-Nigeria
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In the road in my car i am,

I turn the dial, searching for a familiar tune,

Jazz, a pop, any instruments to bring my sustenance,

Miles pass, the road stretching endlessly ahead,

Static takes over, silencing the music,

A disjoint of cables in the radio,

The atmosphere, once enjoyed, now filled with sad moods,

The road is cleared of any bumpings,

I see sign of obastacle on my journey,

I bypass the trees as i drive by,

A couple of trees i saw on my journey,

I cannot see any sign of my destination,

As i progress further,

The fuel gauge dips, hitting empty,

I am stuck,

A desolate stretch of asphalt becomes my path,

Abandoning the vehicle, I continue on foot,

I progress in my journey,

I am weary,

My body succumbs to exhaustion, crumbling to the ground.
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