Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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A Melody Beyond Compare

In the darkness of night,
With only stars for light,
I wander through the trees,
Whispering secrets on the breeze.

The moon above shines bright,
A beacon in the night,
Guiding me on my way,
As I wander and sway.

The rustling of leaves,
A symphony that weaves,
Through the stillness of the air,
A melody beyond compare.

I lose myself in thought,
As I continue on my sought,
Journey through the dark,
A journey of the heart.

For in this silent space,
I find my inner grace,
And though the night may be long,
My spirit is forever strong.

So let the stars shine bright,
And guide me through the night,
For I am not alone,
In this world I call my own.
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