Norman Lowe

Boarshaw, Greater Manchester


I am the voice of death and disaster,
I am the voice of the poor in despair,
I sell the arms to both sides of the battle,
I am the purveyor of conflict and war.

I am the plague, of health and well being,
I am the destroyer of innocence and youth,
I am the one that grows fat on destruction,
I charge the weak for some quality of life.

I am the wrecker of genuine partnership.
I cause all the hardship and Pain instead,
I have not touched the land now barren,
I murder the land, with a nod of my head.

I am a killer of rivers sweet,
I am the poisoner of their Flora and Fauna,
I am cartel, to out-price basic food,
I am the liar when questioned.

I am the cleaner of air where I dwell,
I poison the air where I need to
My mansion is built on greenbelt land
and my Luxury limousine, runs without sound.

I am the scourge of the lame and disabled
I am the killer of children at birth
I look to the sun to see not the chaos
My name is Greed, and wealth is my girth.
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