Norma V. Finney

Marietta, Georgia

Whale Song

We swam with the swarms
in the Virgin seas,
leapt with unbounded joy
of the fledgling Hermes.

We watched unmoved as the
Olympian Pantheon rose
and fell in glory and pain. Other
gods we ignored from eon to eon
as we traversed from sea to land
and back to sea again.

We lived, loved and traveled
through time and evolution.
We experienced the great deluge,
witnessed the emergence of man.
Our migration, untouched by want
or revolution, our home
surrounded by billowy waves
and grains of sand.

How man flourished, we had no
concern; His world the land, we
had ambulated and abdicated to
inhabit the sea, of fear we had yet
to learn. Alas! Our time of
termination has accelerated.

Fear, we knew it not at all.
No Gorgon, no demon have we of
trepidation, til we heard the trump
of doomsday's call.
Now we stand, we pray in

We travel in our song...
We shed dry tears.
Our sojourn is not long,
gone our felicity of years.

We weep! We lament!
Our fate heaven sent
We need protection
from extinction!
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