Kristi Day

Getaway Dreams

White sandy beaches,
Warm blue waters,
Lush green palm trees,
A quiet place to be,
Sitting there, just you and me.

Yellow warmth of sun,
Red hot heat of love,
Inky blackness of night,
Stars overhead a silvery light,
Making love, just you and me.

Umbrella drinks,
And holding hands,
Soft kisses and gentle sighs,
Cloudless deep skies,
Together forever, just you and I.

Liquid warmth,
Washing in slow,
Gritty sand below,
Hand in hand we know,
Hearts as one, just you and I.

Glittery light,
To mark our way,
Echoes of time,
The end of today,
With the moon over the sea,
Never more in love, just you and me.

Soft ocean breezes,
White capped waves,
Tears of joy in my eye,
With the moon over high,
No one else in the world, just you and I.
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