Kawsu S. Touray

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Ode To Muhammad Mustafa

As dust of blindness across whirled world's Oceans,
Air of endowment buffeted fragrance news of birth,
On to Dunes of Pearly Desert favoured million dozen,
Over times Alexandrite passage ways of Mother Earth.
World and her Earthly paraphernalia shook in comfort,
At relay of Peninsular transmitting circuits of doxology;
Persian Beacons for polytheism lost puzzling efforts,
Flashed out watty circuits shuddered entirely in apology.
The gloom of barbaric doubt of universal sovereignty,
Velositatedly grabbed and bombarded afar ballistically,
Elements and their crowns all bowed nodding friendly,
And waves of bliss transcended the sons pugilistically.
In their place showered indeed rain truthful humility,
Parental brutality of dry humidity slapped physically,
And desperate daughters had dignity out of Divinity;
Heavenly Sentries shuddered and open metaphysically.
Heavenly Message Bearers paraded in submission,
To hail disembarkation onto world optimistically;
For redemption all have been promised in Mission,
The World crawled in transition with him in truth.
And his Lord and The Lord of everybody Allah,
Who with Satan broke unhumorously is the One;
Muhammad and Jesus like Abraham inshaa Allah
Are Prophets Mentioned or Expurgated but won.
Maestro championing lofty values morally flawless,
Light house blissful fountain for quenching thirst,
Source stronger quintillion times than huts floorless,
Other than Omnipotentic Designer he's ever first.
Forbidden are the days to beget peers of Mustafa,
Fathered-father of fatherly stance and approaches,
For him creativity by Divine Uttereance must offer,
Arthropodic omnivorousity of civilizing coakroaches.
His entirety commensurate with palindrome symmetry,
Ambassador of exalted values all-round moraaly austere,
Eternal Pearl and Blessing dwellers of here and cemetry,
Life universal of illumination so inexhaustibly entire.
Masterly leader's domain always sentry-free barriers,
Generosity ever found and tolerance he exercised
Marchless will ever be intimate instructional carriers;
Arch-Angelic friendship perfectly ever synthesized.
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