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Ode To The
by George Canning

How blest, how firm the Statesman stands,
(Him no low intrigue shall move),
Circled by faithful kindred bands,
And propp'd by fond fraternal love.
When his speeches hobble vilely,
What! "Hear him" burst from brother Hiley,
When the faltering periods lag,
Hark to the cheers of brother Bragge.
When the faltering periods lag,
Or his yawning audience flag,


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Ode To Diana
by Anthony C. Winegar

Symbol of purity beauty and grace
Credit to Mankind the whole Human Race.
Champion of Charities She won the People's hearts
her life now is over from us she must part. Born the year of Camelot Diana was her name,
tall in stature slender in frame.
Her heart it was genuine she reached to the poor,
Lady to the Masses Diana is no more. Married to the British Prince Charles is his name,
a long white gown and a flowing train.
A storybook wedding that wasn't meant to be,
2 handsome boys from the Royal seed. The photos never ended of the royal bride,


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Glycera Rediviva
by Franklin Pierce Adams

Horace: Book I, Ode 19

"Mater sæva Cupidinum"
Venus, the cruel mother of
The Cupids (symbolising Love),
Bids me to muse upon and sigh
For things to which I've said "Good-bye!"

Believe me or believe me not,
I give this Glycera girl a lot:


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Birth-Day Ode 01
by Robert Southey

O my faithful Friend!
O early chosen, ever found the same,
And trusted and beloved! once more the verse
Long destin'd, always obvious to thine ear,
Attend indulgent.

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Ave! (An Ode For The Shelley Centennary, 1892)
by Sir Charles GD Roberts


O tranquil meadows, grassy Tantramar,
Wide marshes ever washed in clearest air,
Whether beneath the sole and spectral star
The dear severity of dawn you wear,
Or whether in the joy of ample day
And speechless ecstasy of growing June
You lie and dream the long blue hours away
Till nightfall comes too soon,


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Recent Ode Poems
by Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu

In Biafra, when we drank from the tilting
cusps of dank leaves and washed with the spittle
of cassava,
the sun scorched like hell.

Añuruedoahu*, the oasis of war, like worldly
cowrie, stagnant, yet devoid of rural fetid,
calmed our nerves and built in the altar of
our souls hopes of answered prayers.


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To recollect the battle of Gloster hill(Solma-ri , Imjin River)
by Kinsley Lee

The late spring in the field, the coquelicots are blooming
In this Imjin area, on the vale and hill.
Spring’s coming, the red thieves were looming,
And human-wave attacking, to the Gloster hill.
Here and there, on the hero’s blood,
The flowers’re blooming as the hue of blood.

In this area, one thousand years ago,
The Tang Dynasty Army invaded
And the Silla soldiers blocked their blow.


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Arise Youths
by Graham Ereks

Eight years have come and gone, yet my people still remain blind,
Many a year our leaders shower us with their sugarcoated tongues.
A zillion promises they make now and then, fulfilling none;
Enriching themselves while the poor masses remain indigent.

Poverty in our land has been catapulted, unemployment is now our most High;
A posse of inconsiderate oldies we have as rulers, a bunch of purposeless grandpas.
Need we die before our voices can be heard? Are we even living?
Now and then we pray things be better, but I guess all is but a colossal bummer.


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Ode To Artists
by D.A Yvii

An ode to poetry

An ode to the poet

A celebration to the tree

A dedication to the leaf which fell from it

Shame the thief


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Port Harcourt, My City
by Graham Ereks

Port Harcourt, my Port Harcourt,
A baronial city, bedraggled and obstreperous;
A city with the good, the bad and the ugly,
Deprived of all in tandem with beauty.

Port Harcourt, my renowned Garden City,
Parlous, galling and , of course, shambolic;
A city where the gardens are but mere weeds;
One where looters and junkies own the streets.


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