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Ode To Psyche
by John Keats

O Goddess! hear these tuneless numbers, wrung
By sweet enforcement and remembrance dear,
And pardon that thy secrets should be sung
Even into thine own soft-conched ear:
Surely I dreamt to-day, or did I see
The winged Psyche with awaken'd eyes?
I wander'd in a forest thoughtlessly,
And, on the sudden, fainting with surprise,
Saw two fair creatures, couched side by side
In deepest grass, beneath the whisp'ring roof


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Ghost Notes (An Excerpt)
by Ralph Burns

I.Call and Response


Plumbline of disaster, shadow storage
of the way thought travels, the opinion,
the sentiment, only assertion following silence,
only a way of everlasting breathing,
a verb searching for grammar too devoted
to making sense so that the self interrupts


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Ode To A Goldfish
by Jack Robinson

This sad sequence came as aftermath
To the day I gave my goldfish a bath.
She was so happy. There was nary a scowl,
as she got her rubdown with the towel.

Then, into the water she slid -- in the nude,
to swim. A vision of piscatorial pulchritude.
I do get sentimental about a fish so ornamental..
And I knew: for her to flourish, I must properly nourish.


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Ode To Diana
by Anthony C. Winegar

Symbol of purity beauty and grace
Credit to Mankind the whole Human Race.
Champion of Charities She won the People's hearts
her life now is over from us she must part. Born the year of Camelot Diana was her name,
tall in stature slender in frame.
Her heart it was genuine she reached to the poor,
Lady to the Masses Diana is no more. Married to the British Prince Charles is his name,
a long white gown and a flowing train.
A storybook wedding that wasn't meant to be,
2 handsome boys from the Royal seed. The photos never ended of the royal bride,


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Ode On The Pleasure Arising From Vicissitude
by Thomas Gray

Now the golden Morn aloft
Waves her dew-bespangled wing,
With vermeil cheek, and whisper soft
She woos the tardy Spring:
Till April starts, and calls around
The sleeping fragrance from the ground;
And lightly o'er the living scene
Scatters his freshest, tenderest green.

New-born flocks, in rustic dance,


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Recent Ode Poems
Arise Youths
by Graham Ereks

Eight years have come and gone, yet my people still remain blind,
Many a year our leaders shower us with their sugarcoated tongues.
A zillion promises they make now and then, fulfilling none;
Enriching themselves while the poor masses remain indigent.

Poverty in our land has been catapulted, unemployment is now our most High;
A posse of inconsiderate oldies we have as rulers, a bunch of purposeless grandpas.
Need we die before our voices can be heard? Are we even living?
Now and then we pray things be better, but I guess all is but a colossal bummer.


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Ode To Artists
by D.A Yvii

An ode to poetry

An ode to the poet

A celebration to the tree

A dedication to the leaf which fell from it

Shame the thief


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Metamorphosis of a Being
by Hadrian Cissell

unknown Being
from the Maelstrom beyond
Real, once named into Existence
time-tessering, ever-Morphing,
exalted by the Universe,
echoing an extraordinary origin —



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Port Harcourt, My City
by Graham Ereks

Port Harcourt, my Port Harcourt,
A baronial city, bedraggled and obstreperous;
A city with the good, the bad and the ugly,
Deprived of all in tandem with beauty.

Port Harcourt, my renowned Garden City,
Parlous, galling and , of course, shambolic;
A city where the gardens are but mere weeds;
One where looters and junkies own the streets.


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Six years a waste
by Graham Ereks

Six years a waste,
I'm sure you can relate.
I needed us to be more,
But you turned out to be a whore.

Letting the world know about us-my biggest bummer;
I so wish we'd had, from the outset, the deserved sunder.
Woe is me, for I have made a boner
That swine has indeed defiled this stunner.


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