Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Fortuitous Journey

I was a prominent theoretical physicist, relying upon beautiful mathematics,
Like devout gardeners everywhere, rely on butterscotch sunshine dramatics.

Rose days were spent inventing theories, to address pure astral phenomena,
And testing the raw theories, such as what causes far-off, supernova trauma.

The indescribable thrill of discovery, imbued sunny, halcyon hours of delight,
Like the secret thrill of watching flocks of redbirds, rising up to golden flight.

My friends lolled on the lawn, in balmy, brighter days of spring and summer,
In green bliss of current rhythmic seasons, which did not require a drummer.

My family flocked like vivid flamingos, often traipsing through my back door,
Delivering smiles and fervent sunshine, like jumbo blooming vases we adore.

I lived in the house of rambling pearl moon, ever disappearing and returning,
Visiting domed skylights and my front porch, as red flames that keep burning.

Our street of night blooms stayed starlit, beneath the native, nearest planets,
And stars bedazzled neighbor's eyes, when visiting and returning like comets.

My secret hobby was scientific inventions, aided by my hard won knowledge,
My current project was a flying spacesuit, to endure heat at the earth's edge.

The ambitious project was going quite well, like the vibrant butterfly uprising,
And that marvelous invention actually worked, which was vaguely surprising!

Late summer had turned sultry, dancing in the jaded forests and lush fields,
And still holding rich nature captive, like the recurring sunset of much appeal.

One evening, I'd tried on my spacesuit, but my beloved dog wanted to play.
He jumped on me and pressed the button, and I was suddenly off and away.

Going scarily fast, I was soon above green trees, and in blue skies up there,
And what began as a harmless pastime, swept me beyond earth's misty air!

I adored my dear dog. It was not his fault. But, would I ever see him again?
How I mused as I joined the astral plane, orbiting earth of flowers and rain.

I gazed down upon turquoise day, and experienced a navy blue twilight, too,
And saw diamond sun from another perspective, an old friendship renewed.

Then my battery's charge was gone, and I was plunging, back down to earth,
Amidst emerald birds, dappled clouds and weather, taking the trip in reverse!

I pulled the crimson cord for my parachute, and fortunately it did not fail me,
And I landed in grass in Tonga, arranging for passage home, aided by family.

My dog was overjoyed to see me, though I had been gone for only two days,
As I learnt more about our planet, moon, stars and cherry sun's warm ways!
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