Emelia L. Bave

Friday Harbor, Washington

At Crescent Beach...

Foam edged scallops pattern the sand
As the sea comes to meet the land,
Not with a rush of waves on the lee
But quiet and silver...so restful to see.

The logs are cradled, approaching the shore,
And rocked very gently...where they join some more
That have lain in seaweed...bleached by the sun
Where seagulls strut, and little crabs run.

Everythings peaceful at the end of the day.
It doesn't hurt if the sky is all grey...
And the birds are quiet, and all is SO still..
Just a cool breeze is whisp'ring, coming over the hill.

There ARE times when the water is "splashingly" thrown
Against ragged rocks where it's fury is shown.
Defying the barriers...breaking sapphire to white.
There's a brilliant blue sky, and sun that is bright.
That's exciting, fantastic, and makes one exclaim
In wonder at Nature, as waves break again.
But..this evening the calmness suits me just fine..
To relax, think of blessings, and this place so "Sublime!"
A Tonic At Sunset A dark grey cloud shaped like a whale
Is all outlined in gold...
Gliding in the sky of blue
While up above the bold
Grey cap of solid clouds
Have ripples of lovely rose
And tops of fir trees in silhouette
Show...an eagle in a pose
Of stately grandeur, as it looks
To the sea for something good...
It naturally would like the TASTE
Of SALMON...as it's food.
The cold light wind sways the poplars
To the tune of a chugging barge
That's tied to a tiny towboat
Pulling a load SO large.
This grand display of Nature
Ever changing at setting sun
Relieves the trouble of one's life...
Leaving peace, when day is done.
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