Edna Hay-Helps

Leicester , UK

The Joys Of Life

Life as such unexpected joys as these,
The dappled sunshine through tall trees,
The drifting clouds across the sky,
Such lovely shapes as they pass by.

The babbling of a woodland stream,
And pink roses on a hedgerow green,
A skylarks song as he flies up high,
And patches of bluebells like a summers sky.

The sparkling cadence of a waterfall,
And scent of honey suckle on trellised walls,
A blackbird in a lilac bush,
And the evensong of a missal thrush.

The arch of a rainbow after rain,
And blissful ease after pain,
The hidden treasure in a tiny seed,
And the kindness in anothers deed.

The beautiful sunset at days end,
And welcome sound of the voice of a friend,
How wonderful when a we can say,
I found beauty, love and God today.
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