Diana Kierce

Pacheco, California


Mother, at the end of life's road, you will see a light, you've made your passage, through God's tunnel so bright. Today we see a silhouette from the sky, with cloud formations to our naked eye. Mother, we don't know what's ahead for you up there, but we know it's with angels that care. Mother, we loved you so very much, you were gentle and kind with each endearing touch. You gave to your family from your loving heart, giving us guidance right from the start. The days ahead for us will be gray with gloom, but we'll know you'll be near, with the first Spring flowers that bloom. Mother, you have passed on to another plateau, but it's hard for the family, for us, to let go. God chose you this time, to pass through the light, the family will carry your love day and night. Mother, you made us believe in respect and compassion, we'll live by these rules to your satisfaction. It's never goodbye, Mother so dear, you'll live in our hearts, and always be near. Mother, you're with Father now, in a place of peace, your days here on Earth, have now come to a cease. The journey through may be winding and step, but you now are at rest, in your final sleep. Someday Mother, we will meet again, when we pass through, to our life's end.
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