Bill Bayless

Yountville, California, USA

Poetry-All Haiku's

The Grand Canyon lives . . .
Colors pulsing through ravines
for eternity Rain slashes downward
My umbrella leaks . . . Oh why
can't summer return? A soaring hawk screams
and from a distant aerie
an answering cry Loneliness freezes
a solitary black crow
in a leafless tree Grotesquely handsome
the arrogant pinch bug
poses on a glass shard A bee, a flower
transact Nature's business
. . . no holiday here Millennium spawns
one hundred resolutions
. . . which one to keep? From a distant trench
a sniper fires his bullet
killing Bill Shakespeare A gesture of love
nurtures the growth of spirit
and fends off despair Monarch butterflies
Launched on their long migration
. . . Beauty on the wing Crystal clear image
. . . a tree's branches, perky birds
in a rain pool Riding a fresh breeze
a bossy, chattering Jay
adds blue to the branch Ubiquitous fly
Exploring a Mars rocket
. . . Surely Nature jests Withered Christmas trees
Scattered paper and ribbon
. . . O Holy Litter Bright, piercing dawn rays
invade billowing white clouds
. . . a color riot A freed autumn leaf
Skittering down a worn path
Seeking a new branch? Black jole in the sku
dewouring planets and stars
. . . Where can the prey hide? Life without that pain
would open my mind to living
and to tomorrow Before . . . while we lived
We planned our days in the sun
Now shade soothes our graves
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