Arlyn H. Navis

North Fond Du Lac, WI, USA


Jim Croce wanted to put time in a bottle, and I accomplished that fact.
It didn't matter, a bottle, a can or a glass, I drank my life away, and that's that! It was so easy to pour another hour away, buying happiness covered with foam.
Now my REGRETS are all piling up, and it's a lonely life that I roam. One for the road, One for lost love, and one for the courage to dance.
One drunken life now leaves me alone, when I should be sharing romance. It's easy to say I never dropped a drink, but then again, how would I know.
God had blessed me with a special blue-green-eyed woman to love,
drunkenly, that did I blow! My bottle of life floats down the river of time, the message inside short and SAD.
I could have been happy, her love left intact, thus my drunken life leaves me,
empty and MAD!
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