Anthony E. Briguglio

Farmingville, New York

Remembering My Childhood

I remember my childhood everyday I'm alive
the absentee of my parents, on my own to survive.
I remember only being nine and taking care of myself
I stole from the store, took food from the shelf.

I remember my clothes never mine and torn
I started to feel I should not have been born.
I ate a decent meal only once a week
I never had a dad to kiss on the cheek.

My dad was alive, but didn't pay me much mind
my mom was the boss and would smack my behind
I remember being lonely in my thoughts and my dreams
I felt my young life splitting apart at the seams.

My mom was as cold as any degree you have felt
if it wasn't her way, she would break out the belt
I remember after a while not feeling the pain
of the belt, the hunger no clothes or the shame.

I remember the things that happened so clear
now I'm all grown up it seems to appear
I now have a son who means the world to me
I will show him how much fun life is supposed to be.
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