Andre Alvin Moore

Lancaster, California, USA


Locked in your prison no hope to escape,
doing fifty years for committing childhood rape.
You will never escape the guilt you feel,
life time of pain, wounds will never heal.
Come from a good family, attended the best schools,
met a young girl who thought you was cool.
Girl so innocent, full of zeal,
thought your concern for her was real.
You invited her to your home, drank a little wine,
started filling her head with old used lines.
Asked for a dance, you started to grind,
the fact she's fifteen escaped your mind.
She told you to stop,
when you tore off her top.
You lost emotional control, she didn't stay alert,
started ripping and tearing at her pretty skirt.
Took her virginity and her dignity,
along with her pride and propriety.
Waiting to be sentence, eyes full of tears,
never been to prison, consume with your own fears.
Girl that you rape, sitting so near,
a brief moment of pleasure, got you fifty years.
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