Alice Louise Salter

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Vision Beyond The Stars

Sometimes I dream I am a child again
And in a vision see far beyond the stars!
There I'd join the hands of all
From every nation, near and far --
And pray with you for the end of war!
How can we kill our fellow men,
Have no feeling for defenseless women,
And show no pity for little children? You are leaders, all of you;
It is you who were given vision!
The soul of man cries out to God --
Whatever our race or religion --
To fill the emptiness, the void within.
You can lead and love all men!
I plead with you to speak for women
And little children in every land;
Speak out against the crimes of hate,
Help end the thirst for power and greed.
I join with you to love and lead! Teachers, speakers, song writers, ministers,
Public figures give love -- your power
Is far more than you know for peace.
Light the torch in every land with your vision!
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