Wheels Hibbert

Brooklyn, NY, USA

That's Me

That's he
That's me
Born free
Born weak
Cursed the /Starving/Shy/Black/Hispanic/Poet/Mentality
Like Spanish Fly
Like Chicken Pot Pie
Deep within the outermold ingredients my personalities lie
Don't take to reading my loose-leaf paper autobiography to find me
Don't forget - what has been forgotten and retrieved
over two decades of my living poetry
Cursed to reminisce of the few days that I shared smiles with myself
To know I don't belong yet I shed sins of all
colors like other souls I've dealt
To be created from their very same "fire" yet
He smolders so differently
To feed off love, gentleness, innocent trust,
I was honesty
Instead of off our very life's fuel oxygen burning
greed's flame, just so his wallet can breed more greed
Different as I Different as that word "loser" soaring triumphantly oe'r the sky
Repeatedly looking for the next Picasso de Einstein
One/small/clear/thinking ripple 'gainst the black
meandering ocean of crash tides
One man made trickle, sea views, solely that
only with few I formed a sprinkle
Gifted by curse to unify rain, cleansing away earth
from its sewer sides
With green pen won man challenges man's walk
With its stumbles...
Their coal norms that is so concrete cracks
with "Human" showering moods from the shine of the "Maverick's Spark"
I am that "Inspiring" Spark
I became that 100 year "Oak"
Standing/Breathing/facing a world that teaches
Look to the "Stars"
When its spectrum of light lies, indeed here
within its "Ignored Hearts"
Its Peculiar Hearts"
Stay with your dreams "Unique Hearts"
For your struggle to the Horizon wills
you see all the "Colors" of life...
Stay free from the blind, intolerant, mind
Bright Futures exist only after past/true/roots/outlive phony
tentacles of greed, jealousy and lies. "Be yourself and your soul will Be"
"Your soul will Be yours to control"
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