Tayeba Tahira

Troy, Ohio, USA

The Beloved

With outstretched arms I called to you, you
embraced me with a warmth that pervaded my
being, I smiled, laughed and danced with joy!
I witnessed your beauty in the splendor of the
glistening mountain in Montana, and tears fell
silently as your majesty stood before me in the
stately fan palm in Ghana.
Ah, such majesty, glory to behold!
In all things do I perceive your love and beauty, the
brilliant cardinal perched upon the fence,
the proud strutting crow in the back yard,
the praying mantis in the morning sun.
The rose, not separate from its fragrance,
speaks of your graciousness you bestow
upon mankind.
Many seek your treasure, the esoteric mysteries,
you have manifested your infinite being in diversity.
The winds carry your message, the sun, the life giver,
the waters whisper your name and give birth
with the tide, the full moon glowing softly amidst
starlit skies.
Each beginning, every ending unfolds
new visions of the Divine!
Man must lift the veil of greed and hunger
for power, he sees not nor hears the urging of the spirit.
You are all; and blessed is the vision of man,
who can achieve the delight and joy of being,
that sees with the heart of the Divine, and is
one with thee.
He becomes as a child, full of wonder and amazement
in simplicity that abounds in vast
dimensions of life.
Embrace the Beloved in all seasons,
in joy and sorrow, and let the spirit of oneness
prevail in the midst of turmoil or darkness.
Drink deep and be satisfied O' spirit of the Divine,
for the waters of wisdom and
understanding flow in a never-ending sea of light.
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