Sylvia Dombeck

Hollywood, FL


Now that I'm reaching my 75th year
I'm taking notes as to how I appear
I may be fat but I am funny
Some folks even think that I'm as sweet as honey

At one time I thought that 75 was old
But reaching that goal is as good as gold
My life has meaning and as such
Filled with wonderful memories that mean so much

My wonderful parents Henrietta and Jerry
Gave lots to my childhood to keep me merry
My grand husband, Sol, filled my life with sunshine
Rearing our family turned out to be fine

With four children
With ten grandchildren
Six great grandchildren
I consider myself very lucky
I guess that accounts for my go-go-go and plucky

So in this world I leave my mark
My rug hookings, sewing, awards and some spark
Thank you dear God for getting me here
And I feel ever grateful with no fear
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