Susanna Burton Goehler Ca

Lecanto, Florida, USA

Scotland Land Of My Birth

Scotland with your banks and braes mountains valleys moors and rivers
The greenest grass you have ever seen the rainiest of weather
You can hear the bagpipes playing and see the swirl of kilts
Each clan has a history of their own Clan Crest and Tartan Kilt
The Highland Fling and Sword Dance still danced by the Scots today
Red cheeked and bright eyed lassies sincerely dedicated to their heritage
Velvet jackets kilts and crests medals hanging on their vests
Won for the special quality of dancing that they display
My Father John Ross Campbell has left his Clan to me
Blue Plaid Tartan Kilt and Crest I treasure in my memory
Bluebells in the meadows that grow in bunches wild
I gathered them so many times when I was just a child
Mountains shared with deer purple heather on the hills
The Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond a piper playing bagpipes at his will
The Scots are a warm and happy folk with a robust lust for life
They sing and dance to entertain you in their typical Scottish style
They first foot one another every New Year's Eve
First person to enter a home after 12 p.m. brings luck for the year to come
This is their custom and belief it always has been done
Auld acquaintance meet and greet for the days of "Auld Lang Syne"
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