Shannon Thompson

Antioch, CA, USA


With unreputable awe, I take witness to a lulled abounding force,
As subtle arousing whispers sweep through the effervescent valley;
Dried leaves then flutter, in sunlight while trees bow to this
glorious resurrection;
With heaven's breath contoured, the loving consecration
Seemingly echoing the sung message from the wolf's den to God's
Independence giving this soul prominence in contorted love.
Nature yields this hallowed frame spryly awakened. Those hands adorned with a painted grace, passed on with flight
and speed.
Ceding transcendence from water to land, anxiety takes arms, as
if ordinance in the origin of combat.
These fierce eyes, I perceive, the mark of an angered soul's union
Shadowing the scars, concealing revenge integrated,
Then in a wink, this maimed heart induces a coy regard;
Whose distant murmurs, of celestial play evolves.
Vibrantly, waves begin their dance, with this lost confidant
and friend.
Soothing their rippled edge, with aromatic kisses of sand's shells. From upon symbolic lips, this proclamation is set for amitivity
to dwell.
Attesting to this whirling inspiration, impressed upon my heart.
Loudly, I proclaim an eternally devoted respect, to this
bewildering sway spirit;
While with silence, pledging to keep a sympathy, for those not
yet domineeringly over taken.
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