Sally-Ann McDuff

Ashford, Kent, UK

To Lose Someone

How do you feel when you lose someone close to your heart,
You feel like the world is upside down and torn apart,
You don't understand and can't answer why?
That the one you love happened to die,
The pain and trauma that hits you hard,
When through the post arrives a sympathy card,
It brings everything to life and seems so real,
You just want to be left alone to know how you feel,
You feel sad and empty and something is missing,
You need someone there, someone listening,
You cry all night and let emotions flow,
It is not understandable why this world let them go,
You always want them back laying next to you,
But you have to accept that what has happened is true,
But you won't get them back and you must carry on,
And just remember that memories of them forever live long.
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