Ronnie N. Lee

Sedalia, Missouri, USA

It Doesn'T Get Any Easier To Say Goodbye

It doesn't get any easier to say goodbye
Each time I come to see you
This morning I started to cry
As if it was the natural thing to do.
My only daughter and grandson
Living so very far away
I feel so very alone
When I go on my way.
I feel pain in my heart
As I said a tearful goodbye
It hurts each time we part
I guess grown men do cry.
The Air Force has taken you
Even though for only four years
But grandma and grandpa are blue
And continue to shed tears.
The Lord only gives what we can endure
Or this is what everyone says
For me, today, I am unsure
As I go on my way.
As my vision blurs in my eyes
I silently say a prayer
Sadly I begin to cry
If you were only there.
A fathers' love is deep and true
And a mother misses you also
So for a daughter and a grandson too
Our love we want you to know.
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