Robert Mestre

Suicide Note

My eyes have cried
a million times,
now as dry
as dessert sand.

My heart has sank
with no strength to rise
from the well
that once held hope.

My mind is defeated,
The winner depression,
Head in hands
the battle has been won.

I've given up
my body's tired,
Here please, your prize,
my final breath.

Please accept it
it's all I have,
I'm poor
in every sense.

Release me
have I not fought well?
I beg of you

For those of you who read this note,
Please do not shed a tear,
My life was done that's all she wrote,
You all knew the end was near.

I love you and I always will,
This is nothing to do with you,
I know how it will make you feel
But it's best my life is through.

This pain is now too much to bare,
I feel my heart has been ripped out,
I'm sorry that I could not share
With you my final bout.

But alas I must bid you good bye
Before my courage fails,
Farewell my friends, tis my last cry,
I release me from this jail!
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