Depression Poems

Popular Depression Poems
by Suhaila Bawar

It feels like the end .
They are painting me paler
dead white .
I am fine , i pretend
But got caught in mid night

devils were humming in my garden ,
And i froze
Like million thrones covered one rose.


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cave of forgotten gods
by Bogdan Dragos

all right,
that sounded like good advice

Put your room in order first
and then your thoughts


He started looking around the room
for things that were


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a dead body in the room
by Bogdan Dragos

there was a dead body in the room

Had to be

Else where did the smell
come from?

Every time he’d turn around to catch
a ghost or a zombie
from the corner of his eyes the smell


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by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

I have a poem...
But no one to offer it to...
What good is a poem...
If no one wants to hear it...

I have a song...
But no one is listening...
What good is a song...
If no one wants to sing it...


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As ‌My Diary Cries
by AmirFarshad Sh

I write this now, moments after they quarrelled,
Depressing, I notice our evening plans got cancelled
Over one phone call dad made in the backyard,
Mom asked who that was? Then he flew off the handle,
"It doesn't concern you woman", he shouted,
I could hear her repeating the word "sorry" aloud and
Stuttering as she apologised for asking,
But the old man didn't care so he started unmasking
That hideous, fearful demon inside him,
Who made him feel like a man he took pride in,


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Recent Depression Poems
by Kate Coleman

Today the world is grey. Every cloud, every window, every room. The same dull melancholy tones.

On days like today, its hard not to feel grey too.

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Life Is To Short To Score Little (Poem) by Christen Kuikoua
by Christen Kuikoua

It Is not Death Most people are Afraid Of
But it is getting to the end of life only to realize
That you never truly lived
Most people On Their Dead Bed,
Don't regret the things they did
but the things they didn't do
The risks they never took
and Finally the dream they didn't pursue
So if I ask You today
will you last Words be ' If Only I had'


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The Wind On The Ledge
by Chloe Foster

The wind scatters her hair,
The fragile fabric of her shirt clings to her back.
The wind attempts to push her forward,
As her crowded and crammed mind begins to retract.

Trapped in a memory,
Existing in the exhausting grasp of the past,
Her world; wrapped up in a few moments,
A box of trauma and pain that has yet to pass.


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Not Myself
by Camron Thompson

Underneath my skin, lays my dark
To those who view, I am not this thing
However I consist of a demons fear
Blame will be slandered upon our world
Break away, I am tied to this
Head sets, my views are like the plague
No will, relinquish in the never ending pain
I smile as I break, just another day

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by Michele Bandler

blackest vulture
You wait in the shadows
to prey on me
to rob my joy
to place obstacles in front of me,
and eclipse the sun

I trip and fall
lying alone in darkness
but there I see a sliver of light.


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