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by Bhawana Yadav

For the longest time, I thought I knew what it was
like the spring after a chilly winter
brushing snowflakes from your jacket and wishing for those daisies to bloom
maybe it was the platonic turn of poles
and the fate busted as the mighty, scorching, ruthless ball of fire
destroyed the spirit of little daisies
you were no less than that blistering weather
leaving me demented
you walked away
after a bizarre show of vulnerabilities


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Shallow as the LA River
by Maeverik Foxwood

Deep Down,

I think you hate me
because I'm pretty,
and cool.

Even when we in public
you're acting a fool.



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Let's Be The Moon
by Sagar Mistry

You're the moon of the night sky, waxing and waning,
Lost among the stars, hurt and aching;
Every fortnight you grow, to light up the night sky,
Every fortnight you die, to get lost in the dark so high;
You're not a perfection, blemishes all over,
Sometimes loved sometimes ignored, by the drunk and the sober;
Scared of your own scars, you hide in the day,
Conscious of what zillion eyes might say;
But don't you ever forget, who you are,
A unique moon, among a zillion stars;


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Women, not to be a bride alone
by Thirumala Reddy

Hey woman! Yes you, listen out to me,
You might not be beautiful,
But you are surely wonderful.
One might say you are awful,
But say yourself you are forethoughtful.
Have your own voice, soul, and mind.
Because you are a woman,
Born to live, not to be a bride alone.

Live a life of resourceful,


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The Trick Is
by Maeverik Foxwood

If you want to be successful,
by other people's standards,
you need to learn to compromise,
and get the hell out of your own way.

Learn to lose sleep
and stay on point.
Learn to lie, flatter, and sweat.

Because climbing that ladder will become your whole life, and its a long fall to the bottom.


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Recent Selflove Poems
by Gayatri Puri

It's okay to no
It's okay to be alone,
It's okay to be own.
Just look at the mirror and realise,
It's time to put people aside
And be idealised.
It's time to choose yourself first,
It's time to love yourself first.

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Unconscious seducer
by Sharona anonymous

I am hurt so I hurt you.

Your touch lets me live.
Your hug gives me safety and security.
Your subtle fleeting kisses make me feel loved.

I can't give you the love you want and deserve.
Yet I let you give it to me.
It is selfish.


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To feel
by Sharona anonymous

To feel

When she closes her eyes
all that she sees is black
and al she feels is pain

When she opens her eyes
all that she sees is emptiness
and everything she feels is broken


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Une fleur.
by Brianna LeBlanc

La fleur est rouge,
La fleur est bleue,
Et l’autre fleur est jaune…
Mais, qu’en est-il de la fleur qui a ne pas une couleur?
Est-ce qu’il est ne pas beau?
Ou ne pas bien pour les yeux?


Je m’en fiche,


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I was happy to have a counter feeling
by Zoya Qureshi

I felt that my light could be outcast by their brightness
When I looked up at the sky , I saw that moon's brightness could not outcast stars
They are capable and add beauty to the sky same way you are capable and add beauty to the world .
First time I was happy to have a counter feeling

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