Sagar Mistry

July 19, 1993 - New Delhi

Let's Be The Moon

You're the moon of the night sky, waxing and waning,
Lost among the stars, hurt and aching;
Every fortnight you grow, to light up the night sky,
Every fortnight you die, to get lost in the dark so high;
You're not a perfection, blemishes all over,
Sometimes loved sometimes ignored, by the drunk and the sober;
Scared of your own scars, you hide in the day,
Conscious of what zillion eyes might say;
But don't you ever forget, who you are,
A unique moon, among a zillion stars;
Your scars are your beauty, they complete you,
A beacon you are, for hurt souls to turn to;
You're an inspiration to many, scared of their imperfections,
For all the empty souls, thirsty for affection;
So embrace yourself, with all the scars and the light,
Coz after every long darkness, comes your bright fortnight...
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