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by Author Reinvented

I am lost.
I was broken long ago.
Tried to fix myself but I don't know
How much is me
And how much is the seeds
Planted in my memories,
A darkness hidden deep.

So push me down
To the ground,


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by Cash Olds

You are within arms reach,
Close enough to share the luring smell of your perfume,
close enough always, to bathe in your presence.
No more farther than a drunkard to his drink, you are never farther than a glance away.

desolate ruin is my nature
pain is it's very essence.
I've ripped apart yours,
as well as my very own heart.


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Ode To My Hands
by Tim Seibles

Five-legged pocket spiders, knuckled
starfish, grabbers of forks, why
do I forget that you love me:
your willingness to button my shirts,
tie my shoes—even scratch my head!
which throbs like a traffic jam, each thought
leaning on its horn. I see you

waiting anyplace always
at the ends of my arms—for the doctor,


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Nothing compares
by Sushant Thapa

Nothing compares
Nothing to lose
Nothing to gain
Thoughts of blues
Like a free bird
Some chord of an old guitar
Strikes the time
Like an old grandfather clock
I move on a dock
Of life


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by Ani Freedom

A whisper in 'your mind' you hear,
Is telling you to run and go ahead,
There is a lot of future for you and your friend.
Gently cover your fake smile,
Say hello to the new day,
Who is he and why is here,
Walking through those shiny streets,
Pretty face full of fear.
Can you recognise the man in your handmade shoes?
A whisper in 'your heart' you hear,


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Recent Self Poems
by Ceyx Kingfisher

Y’all come crying,
When I’m dying.

Y’all are squealing,
While I’m dealing.

Not this, not that,
No way, you say,



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No gain without pain- a Runner’s tale
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

Legs pumping, muscles screaming
Eyes transfixed, seeing but not seeing,
Mind wandering sometimes dreaming
Heart thumping, loudly beating.
Body glistening, pace increasing,
No thought other than just breathing,
Inner voice gently pleading,
It's against me that you're competing.
Hardened gaze, resolve seeking
Any thought of slowing down but fleeting,


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by Melissa Flores


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Philosophy of Me
by Ujjal Mandal

By Ujjal Mandal, India

Thoughts have a continual succession
of complacency or anxiety,
black thoughts paint me a fire fly
that emits light mere in the darkness.

I am like the flowing air
neither I have head to think
nor the arm to catch,


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all my jagged edges
by Andrada Predescu

I smoke too much
though I know its bad for me and I fall too hard and too often though I know its bad for me
I overreact and can break at a single word I’ve tried to build a thicker skin
A tough exoskeleton
One to withstand all the years of hurt
But I’m soft
I’m just this membrane I absorb it all
things said in passing
And they lodge themselves in me,


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