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A thousands ways to kill one cat
by Rukudzo Kachambgwa

I've finally caught up with the cat
which has been terrorising my chicken coop.
That little black witch of a cat-
lays motionless in the sack in which I have it bound.
I'm watching it like God,
My eyes are every where
Counting the number of fallen chicks
all the pieces of drumsticks layn to waste.
I shall boil the cat in hot cooking oil and then leave it for the vultures to finish off.
No, that would be much too expensive.


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by Tammy Darby


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A Cup of Sadness
by Tammy Darby

I poured a cup of sadness
Stirred with angers spoon
Called to the four winds of the heavens
Bowed low the crescent moon

For sweetness sake
I happily added
A generous measure of pain
Mixed in cream pale and weak
Colored with the tears of rain


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by Tammy Darby


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You are the Harp
by Tammy Darby

The emotions of a human
Can be lightly
Played and strummed
It can resemble the steady beat of a heart
The sound cannot be replicated
Repeated or duplicated
Once the disturbing melody starts

The highest strings
Penetrates the mind


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as long as there is life here
by Ruhool Ahmad Kawa

1.We will keep fighting as long as there is life here
We will not leave the destination as long as there is life here

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A moment of introspection - in Trump's own words
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

This time I blew it, I really blew it
First lost us the House, now the Senate’s gone too,
I'm caught in a spiral, that I'll admit,
Not sure where to turn, not sure what to do.

I'm convinced I was cheated,
The election was mine,
I was sorely mistreated
They'll see that in time.


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The Beauty Of Time
by Max Kwoa

Brewing tea, shadowed by the trust in our faith,
bruised from your fist, beware the bite of my wraith.

(from Kwoa's ~naive~ World Trip

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guess we're both crazy after all
by Bogdan Dragos

"It's not that it was the worst
but it was very bad," the old
man said.
"I wasn't hanging but the noose
was so thick around my frail neck.
I was nine. And the
forest was
And holding me, they made my


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smart dead man
by Bogdan Dragos

In the afterlife the creatures that
gathered around him
asked, “Why did you do it? Why
did you jump in
front of that train?”

He shrugged. “Life wasn’t
worth living anymore. And I wanted


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