Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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I Brought You Death

Without conscience, you destroyed my life
In fair trade
I brought you death
The ghosts of fear, paranoia, cold chaos and loss of breath.

From my mouth flew the chill of darkness
Words of the dreaded coming I spoke
Tales of the whispered nevermore
Brought forth from tear-spattered pages
From a heart rendered glacial and forever torn

You brought me despair and destruction
Devoid of mercy, I cursed your heart
May it weaken and cease to flow from now dying chambers
Savor the fullness of your soul coming apart

You gathered riches tightly around you,
A sly baneful cloak of deceit
Victorious and content
Furious at your victory
Strew ashes in my hair did I
And my ragged clothes rent

Here I am still breathing, though empty
Without pity or remorse watching, you die
Imagine my face, carefully
Remember the pain you gifted me
The sobbing and the endless cries

Chuckling to myself, eyes agleam
In my fanaticism
I will say, and may it forever be said
Bereft of shame, you destroyed my soul
So In fair trade
I brought you death

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