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Behold, O God!
by William Browne

BEHOLD, O God! in rivers of my tears
I come to thee! bow down thy blessed ears
To hear me, wretch, and let thine eyes
(which sleep
Did never close) behold a sinner weep:
Let not, O God, my God, my faults through great,
And numberless, between thy mercy's seat
And my poor soul be thrown! since we are taught,
Thou, Lord, remember'st thine, if thou be sought.
I come not, Lord, with any other merit


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The Translation Of Enoch
by Thomas Peyton

God re-ascends, and lets the world alone,
Takes Enoch vp, that liu'd therein to mone,
Waile, grieve, lament, the abuses which he saw
Committed were against the conscience, law
Of noble nature, in that sinfull age ;
Small hope to mend, when hope could not asswage
The furious current of this streame and tide,
Too good (sweete saint) with these foule men to bide.

The angels bright, and all the powers diuine,


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Of Teares
by John Beaumont

Behold what riuers feeble nature spends,
And melts vs into seas at losse of friends:
Their mortall state this fountaine neuer dies,
But fills the world with worlds of weeping eies.
Man is a creature borne and nurst in teares,
He through this life the markes of sorrow beares,
And dying, thinkes he can no offering haue
More fit then teares distilling on his graue.
We must these floods to larger bounds extend;
Such streames require a high and noble end.


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Lines On Meeting With Lord Daer
by Robert Burns

THIS 1 wot ye all whom it concerns,
I, Rhymer Robin, alias Burns,
October twenty-third,
A ne'er-to-be-forgotten day,
Sae far I sprackl'd up the brae,
I dinner'd wi' a Lord.
I've been at drucken writers' feasts,
Nay, been bitch-fou 'mang godly priests—
Wi' rev'rence be it spoken!—
I've even join'd the honour'd jorum,


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The Legend Of Faith
by Sir Lewis Morris

THEY say the Lord of time and all the worlds,
Came to us once, a feeble, new-born child ;
All-wise, yet dumb ; weak, though omnipotent:
Surely a heaven-sent vision, for it tells
How innocence is godlike. And the Lord
Renews, through childhood, to our world-dimmed eyes,
The half forgotten splendours of the skies.

And because motherhood is sacreder
And purer far than any fatherhood,


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Recent Religious Poems
Beware Of The Signs Of the Coming Of Antichrist!
by Shaila Touchton

Antichrist denies that Jesus Christ is God who came in the flesh
He Opposes God and Exalts himself above God
He is the beast rising up out of the sea, having 7heads and 10 horns
Upon his horns 10 crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy
He is the Beast with the number 666
He is the man of sin, the son of perdition
The Man of Lawlessness and who change times and laws
He is the deceiver of the elect and Wolf in sheep's clothing

He comes in peace and obtains the kingdom by flatteries


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Black Veil
by Nastasimir Franović

Black Veil
The candle in front of the icon twists the flame.
Clasped small trembling hands and hairline.
Silver crucifix at the end of the string.
The light almost died at the door behind.
God lives in this house. It is the source of your faith and hope.
The glow of the candle flame is on your face.
Your soul feeds with prayer.
Under the black veil, overcome by the burden, tears flowed down your face.
Your hope will remain pure and timeless.


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When the Master Comes
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

The stars will twinkle so brightly,
When our loving Master comes,
So hold onto blissful faith tightly,
Through myriad tangerine suns!

Jade hills will ring with laughter,
In plum diamond sunshine glitter,
As the dim past ceases to matter,
And never again is anyone bitter.


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The Flower of Love
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

She'd felt the hand of God from an early age,
And an overwhelming love began to blossom.
Anna's heart belonged to Him long before,
She grew to be old enough to join the order!
Her great love for Him shone through the
Many kind acts, of this gentle gift of God.
She brought comfort to a great many people,
And she aided the poor and the helpless.
The compassion she gave lifted many spirits,
And lit the lonely paths to brighter days.


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Words of no profit,
Chitchat and debate
worth no participate!
Rather saving the lost,

Edifying the synagogue.
It’s the beast works
For men to mine;
Strifes among themselves,


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