Astridah Chimfutumba

I live in Botswana in Mochudi.. I am 17 years old.. I am Zambian by birth

Inner Peace

Immersed in the treasures of nature
Gifts of divine stature
Sitting on a chair as soft as a marshmallow
Wondering why emojis are yellow
It’s all a mystery
What is life? Why do I get hungry?!
Why can’t I stay days without eating?
Or days my heart not beating?

Yet you may think these are childish questions
But what?!Is your quest on earth? Am sorry to mention
The intensity of my curiosity
increases the immensity
Of my intuitions in the institution of caring executions!
Sometimes it is hard to keep relations
At times you feel like a kid forgotten at a station
Thoughts cruising across your medulla oblongata
Searching for a piece of data
To finally obtain inner peace
Now once you come back to reality

More questions appear out of the oblivion
As of some sort of inquisitive exposition for one
Am I unique? Do I really equal to no one
Alas a light bulb! Of course I am unique!
For I am God’s most precious antique
All I need is a boost of confidence
A means so intense
If reading is your favourite ting
Thee bible will give you constant supporting

For at times it feels as though taking deep breaths with no exhalation
At times my thoughts are stars I fail to fathom into constellations
But all in all you have to leave it all to GOD
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