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by Louis Jenkins

There's no use in regret. You can't change anything.
Your mother died unhappy with the way you turned
out. You and your father were not on speaking terms
when he died, and you left your wife for no good
reason. Well, it's past. You may as well regret missing
out on the conquest of Mexico. That would have been
just your kind of thing back when you were eighteen:
a bunch of murderous Spaniards, out to destroy a
culture and get rich. On the other hand, the Aztecs
were no great shakes either. It's hard to know whom


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by Richard Johnson

Accept that you’re alone
Come now Mr Jones
And in your kingdom of the sane
Where preachers struggle to find a vein
I thought it made me a man
To have fools paint my hands
Memories taken by unsavoury hosts
I forgot their names so I named them ghosts

I apologise


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Deleted Poem
by J. J.


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For the Love of My Father
by Samuel Cody

There's always pain in the music of the night
It summons all my broken dreams to come dance about my mind,
And in their fractured shadows, I contemplate your plight
Yet in that frantic jig, no answers can I find.
Nothing I consider can justify your bitter flight,
When by all your wretched flaws you were confined
All my strength of will cannot manifest my dreams that we'd reunite.
Were you scared of yourself, or this child you left behind?

My heart bleeds with tormented hate, as I sit beneath the midnight sun


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I Cry ...
by Raina Hutchins

I lay awake all through the night
While others lay asleep
As I think of you and I
The tears roll down my cheek

I cry because I love you
I cry because I care
But most of all the reason why I cry
Is you're not there


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Recent Regret Poems
Good dad persona
by Marra Makinen

You'll probably never see this
Never read this
You probably don't even know
That I'm a writer

You were proud of me
For as long as it was convenient

You supported me
For as long as it supported your good dad persona


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Every time
by Author Reinvented

Every step I take,
Every move I make,
Everything I do
Ends up a mistake,

I fail,
And I try,
To start all over again


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by Ceyx Kingfisher

Running while I best abdicate,
Can’t let you dictate the rest.
Family familiar, failing foundling.
Wills and wells, halls and hells.
Walls and falls.
All’s well when whiles’ done.
My son, my son, Babylon.

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by Amelia Pond

I meant to say goodbye to you
before you left and went elsewhere
somehow I never got the chance
so I watch you walk away

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by Abena Gyamfua Aboagye

It's been a while since I wrote about anything
Obviously I thought I could manage to get everything
As fast as I could
Not as slow as it should
I rushed over life's pages
Got myself trapped in multiple cages
If I could only express regret in tears
I would be able to erase all my fears
But oh no! I just can't seem to cry
My sense of humanity has gone dry.


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