Daniel Ryan Cotler

April, 3, 1982 - West Palm
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Chasing elusive rainbows

In pursuit of rainbows, I'd tirelessly strive,
Seeking happiness and fulfillment to revive,
But the rules were ever-changing, elusive, and sly,
In this shifting relationship, I'd question why.

Each day a new dawn, with hope in my heart,
Believing in us, right from the very start,
I'd reach for those rainbows, with dreams in my eyes,
Hoping to mend what our love might comprise.

Yet, your love was a puzzle, a complex design,
Shifting like shadows, a twisted incline,
I'd navigate the maze, your emotions unknown,
Chasing those rainbows, often feeling alone.

The ground beneath me, like quicksand, would shake,
As you placed new obstacles in my path to make,
Chasing rainbows, a relentless endeavor,
In this ever-changing game, I'd question forever.

With each shifting rainbow, the colors would fade,
As your expectations and rules often swayed,
I yearned to make you happy, to find the right way,
But it felt like happiness, for us, was led astray.

The elusive rainbows, they danced in the mist,
Invisible promises, too often dismissed,
Chasing rainbows, though the path was unclear,
In this ever-shifting dynamic, I'd persevere.
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