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If only I had known
by Raina Hutchins

If only I had known I’d never hear your voice again
Or hear you whisper sweetly in my ear
I’d memorise each word of love you ever said to me
So when I'm all alone, your voice I’ll hear

If only I had known it was the last time I would see
The man I love with all my heart and soul
I would have held on tighter and kept you close to me
And never would have ever let you go


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Please Listen To Her Prayer...
by Raina Hutchins

While you’re watching over all your children from above
Listening as they send to you a prayer
Please God will you take some time to listen to my child
And find a way to let her know you’re there

Through the years she suffered a very tragic loss
Her happy life was shattered; torn apart
She tries so hard to hide the lonely tears she cries at night
She tries so hard to hide her broken heart


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A Prayer In The Prospect Of Death
by Robert Burns

O THOU unknown, Almighty Cause
Of all my hope and fear!
In whose dread presence, ere an hour,
Perhaps I must appear!
If I have wander'd in those paths
Of life I ought to shun,
As something, loudly, in my breast,
Remonstrates I have done;
Thou know'st that Thou hast formed me
With passions wild and strong;


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The Jolly Beggars: A Cantata
by Robert Burns

RecitativoWHEN lyart leaves bestrow the yird,
Or wavering like the bauckie-bird,
Bedim cauld Boreas' blast;
When hailstanes drive wi' bitter skyte,
And infant frosts begin to bite,
In hoary cranreuch drest;
Ae night at e'en a merry core
O' randie, gangrel bodies,
In Poosie-Nansie's held the splore,
To drink their orra duddies;


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Author's Prayer
by Ilya Kaminsky

If I speak for the dead, I must leave
this animal of my body,

I must write the same poem over and over,
for an empty page is the white flag of their surrender.

If I speak for them, I must walk on the edge
of myself, I must live as a blind man

who runs through rooms without


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Recent Prayer Poems
Stink Eye
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

Remember dat look...
She ain’t playin’...
She means business...
When you get to strayin’...

You don’t want da stink eye...
Cuz you know what’s comin’...
If you don’t quiet down...
Yo cheeks will be numbin’...


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Hues of Thanksgiving
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

colored leaves fall down
inside food warmth and laughter
a pause for prayer
it's time squirrels cached walnuts
it's autumn's pretty party

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Prayers Answered
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

a rainbow appeared
marking the long drought's ending
song from the treetops

awakening blooms
in heart arresting colors
summer's turning gold

greenest gratitude
rising again from our knees


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SONNET XI – The Prayer
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

I've seen losers win the race,
I've seen weak ones keep the pace.
I've seen longer shots from way behind,
I've sought a voluble and a voluble was nowhere found.

I made promises, broke them all.
I made golden towers, and I watched them fall.
I made Caesar mine, I made tons of gold.
I sought my book and found my story was never told.


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A Time To Be Normal
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

Sometimes my head is in the clouds...
Other times my head is in the sand...
Sometimes my thoughts are so jumbled up...
I feel I’m sinking in some far off hinterland...

It’s hard to control my thinking...
A challenge I face every day...
It’s as if my wires are completely crossed...
The mind games that steal me away...


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