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What Legacy Our Children?
by Robert Ippaso

Whispers and innuendo,
Partisan politics tearing us apart,
Grandstanding and deflection,
Are we not placing the horse before the cart?

A divisive President
This much we all agree,
But our actions matter,
This surely we must see.


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Hum Dekhte
by Thanshu Guliani

Hum bhi agar panchi hote to aakash dekhte
Saari duniya so rahi hoti magar hum prakash dekhte
Mausam jo bhi hota, par apni chah me aksar
Hum apne pankh khol dete aur log humari udaan dekhte

Hum makan dekhte
Hum, makan dekhte

jinme kitni aankhe taras rahi hai udne ko
jahan in cheekhon ka naam nahi hai rukne ko


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Ek Vaartalaap / A conversation
by Thanshu Guliani

Main raat hu andhera sa ye kon hai
jo maun hai
khamoshi se ghabraya sa
ye falsafa hai kya
ya koi fareb hai
jo kahi pe gum sa tha
Ya yahi tha, tum sa tha
Mu chipaye baitha hai
Katghara ye kaisa hai
jo aakh daage baitha hai


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A conversation between Bernie's legions and Trump's
by Robert Ippaso

“Comrade Bernie's in full swing
Arms flailing, fingers pointing,
Like a possessed puppet on a string
To his legions never disappointing.”

“We're a movement young and strong
Forward thinking, kind to all,
They call us mad but that's so wrong
Such a thought takes quite some gall”.


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November 2020
by Sarah A

America, born of original sin
Struggle for survival since its birth
Nation of immigrants who hate each other
children of love be our savior

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Recent Politics Poems
An Octave of the Lost Sonnet
by Jonathan Tafreg

If you can ignore your true culture,
Then you are mentally ill.
If you are lacking true superstructure,
Better then you take suicide pill.
Never use your dream infrastructure,
Not every blank you must fill.
Backbone no longer agriculture,
For corruption pays all the bill.

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Blaming The Dead
by Jonathan Tafreg

He was not a good leader,
He was a murderer,
He killed everyone,
Including himself.

He was very selfish,
He wanted all for himself,
He never listened to me,
He was an educated fool.


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Leaders of yesterday
by Nancy Altraide

Pain filled my soul as sorrow took over
I was in mourning
My wailing was heard in the East
The people in the North came to console me
The West came for condolences visit
and the south, I couldn't remember their task
I had lost a child, the son of my youth

My son was a man of valor
with the strength of the Lion


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I really did it - in Biden's own words
by Robert Ippaso

I did it, I really did it, something got passed,
Nancy and I succeeded at last,
What a huge pain convincing my team,
When all I could do was silently scream.

The Squad were blackmailing,
The media loud blaring,
Republicans laughing while doing high fives,
My only solution to hide and dodge knives.


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Social Media here I come - in Trump's own words
by Robert Ippaso

I won't be muzzled or silenced
My words will be heard,
The fake Media's so biased
Their coverage absurd.

They spew venom against me
My followers trashed every day,
Yet on this they all seem to agree
Without Trump the bills they can't pay.


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