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good and bad poetry
by Bogdan Dragos

after you write enough
and try to publish for long enough
you just notice it
There is no such thing as
There's just poetry to which people


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why do you seek the living among the dead?
by Bogdan Dragos

The old lady kept coming by
the hospital to assure the medics that it'll be

"He's a true fighter," she said. "I know he'll make it.
He has won the battle with drugs
twice in the past. He'll make it this time as well. I
know it. I feel it. I believe in him."

"Mam," said the doctor. "We found rusty fragments


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Everyone Is A Poet
by Ololade Raji

Everyone is a poet, writing life’s daily lines with the sole of their working shoes
Even as the shore waves and the winds of time strive to erase your poetic beauties
Never carve any hopeless woe, but engrave even in your grave, the epitaphs of hope and
Never miss your chance to write in the hearts of those you meet

Everyone is a poet whose poems are neither erased by death
Nor by elegies of life, odes for others, and even the blanks between
Even when no known cobbler can repair the grooves of those old, worn soles
Never forget the Cordwainer who makes new shoes and creates new poets


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but was it though?
by Bogdan Dragos

but what if it was
all a dream?
All a nightmare

What if he wasn't just a construction worker
who fell from the
scaffold and couldn't get up
and was in incredible pain from the torso up
because he had no more feeling below?


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honestly, I had to look online for the meaning of the term
by Bogdan Dragos

She pushed gently against me
and fell on the
Stretched a leg towards me
began unbuttoning at her

I helped her take them
Not too gentle, not too rough


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Anne and Leonard
by Lee-Ann Azzopardi

I told he will
So, don't worry, Anne, he will greet you
With a rose and open arms
He will serende you with words of love
With his deep voice and looks
You both will have a chat with cigarettes and wine
His soft sad eyes will bring yr heart closer to his
As he would write poetry, and you dance
He'll be there in a pin-striped suit and a fedora
Waiting for yr hand


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A Poet - 07
by Subhas Chandra Chakra

One day I met-
A very awesome poet,

Sharp in mind,
Young at heart,

Sound in health,
Round in wealth,

Handsome in his looks,


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A Poet - 06
by Subhas Chandra Chakra

A poet is but

A God in disguise,
Who creates -

Worlds new and alive
Without borders,

States alien and neighbouring
Without wars,


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A Poet - 05
by Subhas Chandra Chakra

A poet
Is someone who
Lives in the mortal world
But loves the immortals,

A poet
Is someone who
Lives in whirlpools of Intolerances
But loves to understand,


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A Poet - 04
by Subhas Chandra Chakra

A poet

Is someone

Who, adds a new page

To the writing pad of loving hearts

Who, have undergone erotic lethargy


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