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honestly, I had to look online for the meaning of the term
by Bogdan Dragos

She pushed gently against me
and fell on the
Stretched a leg towards me
began unbuttoning at her

I helped her take them
Not too gentle, not too rough


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bald cat market
by Bogdan Dragos

He started writing at the
age of thirty-eight
and most of his early poems were
about starting late,
being a late bloomer

He said he'd spent those thirty-eight
years figuring out what not to be
and in the process of figuring
that out he did a lot of


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something about smartphone addiction
by Bogdan Dragos

I liked her dad
He was an interesting guy

preached all day
about smartphone
while his daughter was on her
smartphone, ignoring


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lovely hands
by Bogdan Dragos

there's been a collection of
dark thoughts lately

and he was
studying it from the comfort
of his bed

The other day he found a good pillow
in the dumpster


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Ode, To Writer's Block
by Leo Warne

Oh, writer's block how you confound me.
You've become my greatest enemy.
Thought's buried in my mind,
why is it that you hide?
Words I plead with you to come out,
won't you please let the thoughts sprout?

All the thoughts have fled my head,
everything's already been said,
still I search and try to find


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they just knew it
by Bogdan Dragos

the last time they
saw him
was when he told them about
that weird dream
he had
in which wine
poured from the tap in
his kitchen


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to melt the shackle
by Bogdan Dragos

it wasn’t morning yet
but he woke up
to the sounds of cheering
and applause

He looked around
and saw
shadowy figures with
elongated faces
and bright, white eyes


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town of forgotten poets
by Bogdan Dragos

there he was
arriving on main street
carrying a backpack
and a suitcase

both stuffed with



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why do you seek the living among the dead?
by Bogdan Dragos

The old lady kept coming by
the hospital to assure the medics that it'll be

"He's a true fighter," she said. "I know he'll make it.
He has won the battle with drugs
twice in the past. He'll make it this time as well. I
know it. I feel it. I believe in him."

"Mam," said the doctor. "We found rusty fragments


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alive today
by Bogdan Dragos

there was a new guy in the park
among the homeless

He arrived just after the mayor had
eradicated all
the tents and improvised huts

and it was easy to spot him
He was the one who
always had a book in his hand, always


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