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Vintage Blues
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

indigo evening
the lapis lazuli sea
lovely blue roses

sunshine bluebonnets
teal skies of happier days
megastar asters

ribbiting frogs, pond
nights on the town midnight blue


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Warm Memories
by Larissa Prestes e Silva

I know you from before
I whirled in the wind with you
In dreams at bars
By far.

I touched your essence
Softly while lick your skin
Brunette and hot
Marked by desire draft
Of serene nights


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by Hrisit Chowdhury

A day will come, the end of your run
when your life will be almost done.
You will recall your weak memories,
some will be of fun and other of worries.
rest will be gone, but will stay a frown.
You will think of the days of class
where you made total fuss,
You will think of the proposal
that time it was quite colossal!
I will come to your mind then


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If only I had known
by Raina Hutchins

If only I had known I’d never hear your voice again
Or hear you whisper sweetly in my ear
I’d memorise each word of love you ever said to me
So when I'm all alone, your voice I’ll hear

If only I had known it was the last time I would see
The man I love with all my heart and soul
I would have held on tighter and kept you close to me
And never would have ever let you go


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An Elephant never forgets
by Author Reinvented

"An Elephant never forgets", they say.
An Elephant never forgets.
From the moment they're born
Sixty to seventy years more,
And yet an Elephant never forgets.

I think about how an Elephant never forgets,
No, an Elephant never forgets.
Their mother's embrace,
Their favored drinking place,


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A Gift of Scars
by Aishat Yahkub

I wish you could see
All the scars you gifted me
When memories of you haunt my dreams,
ominous suffocating shadows
I trace them with the jagged cliffs of my
ripped fingers
Another tribute to you
These constellation of scars,
make a winding map
To the nick you etched on my soul


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When We Were Kids
by Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

We built some houses with some sticks,
And others built them with some straws.
We ran to houses built with bricks,
Running from a giant paw.

We ran down streets with police cars,
And flew up high with magic coats.
We raced with cars in streets of tar,
And in the sea with Pirate boats.


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by baby panda

often i wonder
how far are we willing to go for love?
for the promise that someone--
no matter who it is,
will throw their gaze out in a room full of people
and land on you and you only
every time, always and forever?

it is surprising that the memories of us


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by baby panda

Q: what went wrong?
A: i still don't know. we were different in all the ways that mattered.


memories are all i have now
but i can't hang on to memories alone
and stand in the winter of our relationship


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by baby panda

oh what is this need
to share all the trivialities
of my life
with someone?

the words pile needlessly
at the back of my mind
unwilling to go in peace
yet unwilling to be spoken


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