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The Boy Who Laughed At Santa Claus
by Ogden Nash

In Baltimore there lived a boy.
He wasn't anybody's joy.
Although his name was Jabez Dawes,
His character was full of flaws.
In school he never led his classes,
He hid old ladies' reading glasses,
His mouth was open when he chewed,
And elbows to the table glued.
He stole the milk of hungry kittens,
And walked through doors marked NO ADMITTANCE.


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My Father Is A Retired Magician
by Ntozake Shange

(for ifa, p.t., & bisa)

my father is a retired magician
which accounts for my irregular behavior
everythin comes outta magic hats
or bottles wit no bottoms & parakeets
are as easy to get as a couple a rabbits
or 3 fifty cent pieces/ 1958

my daddy retired from magic & took


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Magic Of Love
by Helen Steiner Rice

'Love is like Magic and it always will be,
For Love still remains Life's Sweet Mystery!
Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange
And there's Nothing in Life that Love cannot change!
Love can transform the most common place
Into beauty and splendor and sweetness and grace!
Love is unselfish, understanding and kind,
For it sees with its Heart and not with its Mind
Love gives and forgives, there is nothing too much
For Love to heal with its Magic Touch!


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There Be None Of Beauty's Daughters
by George Gordon Byron

There be none of Beauty's daughters
With a magic like Thee;
And like music on the waters
Is thy sweet voice to me:
When, as if its sound were causing
The charméd ocean's pausing,
The waves lie still and gleaming,
And the lull'd winds seem dreaming:
And the midnight moon is weaving
Her bright chain o'er the deep,


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by Charles Baudelaire

They are alike, prim scholar and perfervid lover:
When comes the season of decay, they both decide
Upon sweet, husky cats to be the household pride;
Cats choose, like them, to sit, and like them, shudder.

Like partisans of carnal dalliance and science,
They search for silence and the shadowings of dread;
Hell well might harness them as horses for the dead,
If it could bend their native proudness in compliance.


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Naughty Snake
by Pijush Biswas

An errant boy came knocking at my door
I was swayed, daunted by a serpent
Relentlessly which wandered by the moor
Or upon my floor many a days spent.

It, as seen transiently was like snake, big
And I shivered daily, loitered here and there.
As it might have come with all it's league
I sought someone and could not bear.


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Daisy Daze
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was a successful, fashionable florist, in mild green days of elegant gardens,
When an orange sun beamed its pleasure, like locales where lavender begins.

I formed arrangements for many occasions, drawing beauty lovers from afar,
As pretty planets arrange for a meeting, after wild rumors of the newest star.

And crowded hours were filled with summer, like pearly dews crowd morning,
Until ruby butterflies are playing tag, and gemmed damselflies are swarming.

Friends felt I might always be found, in some area of flush bloom fragrancies,


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by Jake Eld

Open field, shining snow
Crimson shadow, earthen flow
Brightest jailer, oaken bars
Things beneath lurk never far

Dry leaves flutter, wind will dance
Trees can whisper, sturdy trance
Rasp of winter, grind of time
Come spring again it won't be mine


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by Tom Cameron

At the edge of the water
We light a lantern for two
Watch it rise through the night sky
To make friends with all the stars
That's what they call magic

Took a ride through the wild wood
Blind for a while, we got lost
Then emerged after lifetimes
In a land that time forgot


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A Hidden Maestro
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was a professional, melodic dance instructor, at the flowery prime of the art,
And I taught its various, elegant styles, sweet joy of valuable living to impart.

The noble old classic styles will never die, like the endless, hit parade of stars,
While the new ones add such excitement, like mellow music of golden guitars.

Sometimes I fantasized what it'd be like, if crowds of people danced together,
Would it be complete, disordered chaos, or pretty like purple fields of heather.

Friends came around the sudden bend, beneath the greenest, fluttering tree,


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