Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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An Enchanted Doorway

I was a sophisticated, world class traveler, like merry wind in green trees.
I had seen hottest deserts and rain forests, where songs will never cease.

I had traveled by planes and by trains, by luxury ship, fast car and camel;
And I had roamed mountains and valleys, like the comet, taking a gamble.

I had visited myriad cultured nations, meeting diverse, interesting people,
Like divers beautiful, sultry colors, with which the artist stains gilded easel.

Since I'd had various adventures, I was anxious that one day I'd be bored,
And I'd lose my greatest pleasure, like the turquoise sky, sunshine ignored.

When my feet had finally found familiar home, it slowly filled with friends;
Like jade waves on fairer shores of finally, where the fraught journey ends.

Fragrant fields fashioned fictitious, forever moments, on green 4th of July,
When favorite family joined the festival, in the wake of crimson butterflies.

I lived in the house of wanderlust, and of redbirds flying past my windows,
In hues of purple, yellow, blue and jade, seeking nearby, golden tomorrows.

Strange, shifting shadows dappled sidewalks, along my star-struck street;
With endless darkness and light competition, in summertime's county seat.

Noon neighbors were never negligent, with local news and nutty brownies,
On glazed afternoons of ease, as scarlet woodpeckers tap danced in trees.

Swank summer was in little things, like swift swings and vibrant balloons,
As red begonias bedazzled startling shadows, of dawn golds and maroons.

Chickadees were in wispy smoke trees, chirping in stunning, pink blooms;
And sullen, sultry wind had sudden tantrums, then settled in sweet fumes.

There was an unused room in my home, it was a space I'd never entered,
But curiosity led me to its door one day, like the secret finally surrendered.

After I found the key and opened the lock, I stepped out into marigold sun,
Which couldn't have been true, since it was an inner room, altered sudden!

After walking a pleasant while, I found myself on rosy streets of yesterday,
For yesterday I remembered so well, with windswept hibiscuses in disarray!

The next day I visited glorious tomorrow, a hazy day I'd often dreamed of;
Like the huge orange moon of summer, when people's dreams turn to love.

Then I realized life's adventures never do end, only change from age to age,
And adventure is still exotic adventure, no matter which is the current rage.
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