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It's Alright
by Yoko Fushigina

Close aweary eyes, let down your hair,
Allow your gory arms to rest,
Give free rein to genuine despair,
Open up your damaged chest.
Show me weakness, insecurity, regret.
It's not a sin to have help by your side.
Let my shoulder take your tired head.
It's alright.
- - - - -
Forworn hero, fed up with action,


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Angel's cry
by Emna Hmani

The darkness overwhelms me again
But even if I reach out it's all in vain
As the lights fade away
In this eternal abyss i shall stay
Alone, afraid, desperate
Surrendering to my own fate
My feathers are tainted red
I try to spread my wings
But something inside of me is dead
My Angel's dead


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Window of a scarred heart
by Cash Olds

LOOK AND SEE. Start from within, being as truthful as you can possibly be. Look out from the scarred window pane of your very own heart. LOOK AND SEE; the pains of this world that have overtaken your trust, your innocence, none the less your ability to live. To live as you had as a child when the sun would glow and the sounds of this world were welcoming rather than deafening.

All of us! All of us that are unable to not be weighed down, and who are chained to our thoughts of wrong, a wrong being held upon us that has no clear sentencing, no clear solution, nor an outcome that could ever possibly draw any closer than unattainable. The baggage we feel we are responsible for on our very own that no other could quite possibly come to grips with.

How can we still hold the belief that happy, not just a momentary experience but as the very climate of an unwavering constant could exist, much less be close enough to strive torwards?

As I look out my window and once again take a necessary assessment of the world that surrounds me i find it is not the lost and misguided who hold no truth that oppress me, but it is their unknowing mis-guidance and the forces that bring about their deprivations that do so. finally, yet maybe most important a lack of unconditional love that bring such pain about it must be unloaded unto others a pain so full that it must literally spill out into the laps of others; often interpreted as hate and discord.

Whoever has the wisdom to see it as so, LISTEN! can we really exclude ourselves from that which we despise? Can we really talk about it as if we never willingly shut our own eyes in order to take part, no, not one of us can. Not one of us can boast of perfection.


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by Carl Sinderby

Battered but not broken,
It's the fear they have awoken,
The bruises hurt the tears commence,
It's only there actions that make no sense,
A life full of pain your head filled with blame,
Go take your mind and body,
Go be the chance you take,
All your happiness will be revealed when you make a break,
Don't be broken take control,
This could be the last chance for parole,


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Too much These Days
by Beatrice Knox

I know you’re out there
I know you’re listening
All is not well
Each thought going at my brain
Brawling until I can I longer think
Until I can no longer feel
Uselessness cuts my legs
Isolation feeds on my tears
Each breathe runs fast
Oxygen is escaping quickly


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by Fathima Shihabudeen

In the turbulent sea, my ship wrecked
And my boat capsized
The waves weighed me down
The dark infinity stretched around me
There was no light above
And only darkness below
I finally gave in and was ready
To be gorged by the insatiable sea
I let go and felt a calm
That was as pure as rain


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Broken Young Minds
by Ashlesha Nandankar

Life full of grievances and prejudice,
He was young, broken, and fragile.
Crying under the sheets every night,
Who was he going to blame this time?
Life had been miserable once every while.
He was begging and grovelling for someone to reach out this time,
Anyone would be just fine!
There was no one to stay by his side,
Not for a while or even for the sake of the last time.
He was hoping for someone to come and say,


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Unconscious seducer
by Sharona anonymous

I am hurt so I hurt you.

Your touch lets me live.
Your hug gives me safety and security.
Your subtle fleeting kisses make me feel loved.

I can't give you the love you want and deserve.
Yet I let you give it to me.
It is selfish.


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by Sharona anonymous

I am not happy
How can I listen to what you say?

You talk about different bones
I think "why can't I laugh?"

you talk about my attitude
I ask myself "why am I here?"

You are explaining about blood


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bit by bit, little by little
by Bogdan Dragos

there were times when she bit and
chewed the inside
of her elbow

to spit the bits of flesh
and the blood
on her grandma

but those times were over


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