tyler nicolosi

September 07, 2006 - Louisiana
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I am lost.
Lost in this vast sea of my thoughts
This vast sea i was once drawing in
It felt like no more, than a empty dark bin

People never understood
Understood the darkness i always withstood
The darkness that swallowed me
Swallowed me as if i was a fly
My family, they would always try
Try to understand all my reasons why

The reasons why i would never smile
Why i would never cry
Why i wouldn't ever come by
Come by their house
Hang out have fun and shout

They will never know what goes on in my head
I just wanna stay in and lay in bed
What if i never even tried
What if i just gave up and left this play behind
All the people who ignored me
All the people who told me they wish i was deceased

That little kid who once was.
Once was happy and had fun
Soon enough that thing that was once called fun
Soon drifted into a vast dark pile of glum…

He used to never be this way.
He used to come out in the day
He used to have lots a friends
But they soon were to disappear

I am lost….. Please help me find my way back
Back to the person i used to be
Back to that once to be happy kid
Back to the things i always did
The things i loved
Get me out of this depressing grave i have dug

Help me find my way back home….
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