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Yellow eyes of Spring
by Malo C

He was like this cloud that I can now see through
And on the other side I see you
Until you too turn into smoke
Another bloke, once more enshroud

Is it spring?
Is it only my mere desire
To be in love?
What will it bring?
Another sting to get rid of ...


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by gabriella Blake

These songs used to make me cry. I’d listen to cry. To feel. They’ve lost that effect. They’ve taken all my tears. Do you ever listen? Do you ever cry. Do you associate me and us with those songs. Do certain moment replay in your head. Do you freeze, do you break, do you burn. Or have you paved over those memories with new ones. Do you change the station, or listen, to feel. Or has the numbness kept you silent, sitting with a straight face, without a second thought.

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by gabriella Blake

My world has been on fire for a long time. No one realizes. No one knows. Until today. When everyone else’s world is on fire. You finally See the flames in the distance, feel the smoke in your lungs. It’s funny, I’ve been trying to warn you for so long. You didn’t understand, couldn’t understand, don’t understand. The world is on fire. Fire scares me. It is so final. Fire turns a monument into a pile of ashes. Nothing. Fire burns. The world is burning and there is nothing you can do about it. Living with the fire means not getting attached to things, it means expecting the worst. So that’s the how goes. Everything I love gets stripped away. Everything good isn’t as it seems. Ahh fire. You keep me so warm, yet you are burning my very heart. My only heart. The one that’s for loving. Without it, I am nothing but a pile of ashes.

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Goodbye for now
by Kayleigh Power

So goodbye daddy, goodbye for now.
Lies and pain , manipulation and games.
You were no good , just a hiccup in my plan
Now watch me leave you behind, because you are no longer my man.
Ill spread my wings and explore this life,
But you wouldn't notice as you stand with your knife.
A thousand wounds in my heart
Crushing every memory as we fall apart.
I will stand up tall and take a bow
So goodbye daddy , goodbye for now.


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Memory Lapse
by Gerich Blitz Garcia

Moments gathered; Memories treasured
We happened upon but not destined for each other.
My undying adoration, for you will last.
What a lonely agony, our love for
some reason was never meant to be.
As hard as it is to accept, from the first place
You were never meant for me.

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Recent Heartbreak Poems
A Puddle
by Mercury M

A puddle
Created by the condensation of their drinks dripping onto the bar
Chemistry and conversation
Intense and exciting
Wiped away by a napkin after last call
To be reproduced on another night, and then another

A puddle
Begged for in the heat of the moment
Salt and spit


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Broken Young Minds
by Ashlesha Nandankar

Life full of grievances and prejudice,
He was young, broken, and fragile.
Crying under the sheets every night,
Who was he going to blame this time?
Life had been miserable once every while.
He was begging and grovelling for someone to reach out this time,
Anyone would be just fine!
There was no one to stay by his side,
Not for a while or even for the sake of the last time.
He was hoping for someone to come and say,


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Goodbye to the lover that never was one
by Jessica Tshunza

The self-doubt increases when you realize that someone you were so sure about turns out not to be the one
You saw yourself loving and protecting them and wholeheartedly happy in the long run

That someone was in your mind, thoughts and dreams every waking second of the day and every sleepy moment of the night
You built your hopes around them because you saw that they were bringing to your life that little bit of light

You built all your courage and let them know how you felt from the meaning of their presence to the void of their absence

You poured your heart out in front of them using only 26 letters of the alphabet but creating an infinite explanation of who they are for you
Still, to this day you can't understand how all those feelings were only felt by you


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A Collage of Loves Once (or Twice) Had
by Amy Poupard

A Collage of Loves Once (or Twice) Had

To The One that told me to always turn to the stars
As the galaxies and solar systems of distant cannot worry for my heavy heart
You’re the one that reminded me how much I love creatures, big and small
Remember the summer we spent dancing among the bugs, through fields
Catching stinging, buzzing insects
Maybe I loved the hunt
The chase
While your eyes fixated on all of them, mine were always stuck on you


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Little Things
by Maitrayan Bera

I wanted to run away with you,
And i was ready to get lost in you.
I wanted to fly away with you,
But as i spread my wings,
I fell down, onto the ground.
Beneath me the pain, the agony of being disheartened.
Above me, the lies disguised under your promises.
You kept me so close, you kept my soul.
My soul slowly ravaging in you, turned into a ghoul.
The spirits you embarked were truly so high,


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