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the memory of you
by vee venkat

when i think of you,

i remember those eyes,
the way you looked at me,
the reflection of me in them.

i remember your cheeks,
oh how soft they were,
how much i liked to feel them on my lips,
and how loved i felt with your cheeks against mine.


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garden of flowers
by vee venkat

you always said,
in an endless garden of flowers,
i'll always pick you.

but why me?

there are gorgeous models,
talented actresses,
smart and accomplishing women,


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Don't tell me
by Graham Ereks

Don't tell me you love me; I know you don't
Don't say you'll be there for me; I know you won't.
Your mouth is like a basket, letting out duffs coated with sugar.
Many a time, the thought of you make me bemoan the bummer.

Don't tell me you love me; I know you don't
Don't say we need each other; I'm sure we don't.
Your coital unkemptness is an eye-water trigger
Catapulting me into a tearful state what a boner!


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To the one who loves me next.
by Ayesha Tauro

To the one who loves me next.

Don't talk about everything else going right i know you'll leave the other way
Don't make promises that won't be kept,
When things get hard to accept
Don't kiss me to make me believe that it is true

when you're here fooling me too.
I don't want this.
I want late night texts


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Nothing lasts forever
by Zainab Kareem

I shed many tears,
Until I saw my reflection in them
You are my everything til we were nothing
And now that you're gone,
My heart is missing something 
You walked ahead,
Didn't care to look back
You never cared about what you're going to leave behind,
You were always consumed by your own pain
Didn't bother the destruction you had caused me,


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Recent Heartbreak Poems
by Cameron Kemp

We fucked when we came home from the bar

We stumbled in the door after a night with friends

Like any other night I maybe had one drink too many

The kisses were sloppier on my end than yours

But yours held back


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ONCE A LOVER, NOW A DEVIL by Richie Kharis
by Richie Kharis

She told him "I hate you," but he took it as a joke
Her smile was deceiving and her voice was relieving
He only saw an angel with a figure like an eight
And never bothered to take note of her repeated joke

He told her, " Look, I love you—I'll take a blow for you."
But she looked at him smiling as if his words were untrue
Yes, I know, but I still hate you because that is what I do
Again, he waved, but this time those words came sinking through 
I see you working, defending me, and fighting for me


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by Amelia Pond

A mask of smiles covers over years of heartbreak.
Silent screams begging to be free.
An old heart not healed by time.
Time will only heal if let to heal,
Emotions masked will bury deep and stay inside,
Escaping time and lasting long beyond their days.

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by Lauren Davies

i feel my way through the darkness, stumbling
over every bump
falling through every crack
looking for you
holding my hand out for you;
always looking
for you.
one day i will remember it was you
who took away the light

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super glue
by Lauren Davies

you break my heart once;
and again;
and again;
i hold my heart together with sellotape,
holding out hope, too much hope, that
one day you’ll give me the super glue
to keep me from breaking


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