Seyi Ojenike

January 26, 1992 - Lagos
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Poly Ticks

Politics, a game of power and might

Where the rules are often bent and slighted

A world of deals and hidden agendas

Where truth is lost and ambition festered

Poly-ticks, a play on words

That captures the essence of the game

Where politicians dance and prance

To the tune of the public's acclaim

Promises made and promises broken

As the electorate watches on

Hoping for change and a better life

But often left disappointed and forlorn

Debates rage and tempers flare

As ideologies clash and collide

In a battle for the hearts and minds

Of those who choose to abide

But behind the scenes, the real action takes place

As the poly-ticks of power and greed

Manipulate the levers of influence

To get what they want and what they need

So beware, citizens, of the poly-ticks

And the games they play with our lives

For in the end, it's up to us

To hold them accountable and wise.
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