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Popular Friends Poems
by Abhinandan Sharma

Some take bottles
Some take cash
Some take openly
Some take shyly

Under the table
Creepy smile
For them bribe
Is like new bride
Everyone blame


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The Rope
by Qila Gall

At home
Knock knock
Anyone there
Knock knock
Stop it
Knock knock
S i l e n c e


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I Feel Lonely
by Sorry But no

I feel lonely.
I must succeed.
Can I call my parents?
No, they have too much on their plates.
Can I call my teachers?
No, We only discuss school work.
Can I call my friends?
No, they are always too busy, and never pick up the phone.
Can I call That Friend?
… No, I cannot have her worry about me.


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by Jagrut Gupta

My heart was too cold
The room was too cold
and bore no colors of inspiration
My mind had grown afraid
of resentment and rejection

But then you all picked me up and and held my hand
You helped me rebuild a castle
One with graphite hearts


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What are Golfers not telling us?
by Dr. Robert Ippaso

There’s a part of me that say’s I’m jealous
Another thinks my golfing friends just zealous,
Whilst I crave fresh air and healthy motion
They’re busy slathering on the lotion
Before they mount some little cart
That with intent they simply point to dart
At breakneck speed from hole to hole
The putting of that little ball the goal.

Then there’s the clubs, that myriad bunch


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Recent Friends Poems
Almost Home
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I believed in fitness and healthy living, including obtaining sufficient sleep,
To revel for years in buttery sunshine, which makes emerald willows weep.

I consumed only healthier foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables,
As the glassy, black midnight water, reaches up for moonlight collectibles.

Exercise was part of my daily routine, at times running, at others walking,
On the street of scarlet butterflies, where lazy blackbirds were squawking.

I was in the wild midst of the happy years, like a rare diamond in the sun,


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A Novel Idea
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was an avid, lifelong book lover, and I could read forever and a day,
Like the pleasing, scented lilacs, always and forever blooming in May.

Though my house was very disorganized, I would read where I could,
Because I was not the tidiest person, however life was still very good!

All those who really knew me, understood how much I loved reading,
As loving eyes turn westward each evening, to sun's motley receding.

I dwelt in a house, on 20 acres of land, that had several outbuildings.


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Listening To The Shadows
by Jeffrey Pipes Guice

Shadows in the park...
Must be a sunny day...
Always wearing black...
Never having much to say...

Shadows never laugh...
They never, ever cry...
Sometimes they disappear...
If the suns not shining in the sky...


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Humor Me
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I was a solemn person by nature, so my demeanor was always dignified,
Like the somber moon of nighttide, that sees vaguest dreams magnified.

Oh, I enjoyed having a good time, only I showed it in different ways,
As when a blizzard pummels the mountains, and the bold severity stays.

People were constantly inquiring of me, where was my sense of humor?
As folks give dark clouds the look, for gaiety's gone and it's cooler.

When people told me their jokes, I could hardly do anything but stare,


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Vacate to the Vacation
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

I may as well concede the obvious. I was an incorrigible workaholic,
Who was always so driven to succeed, that working replaced all frolic.

I was the co-owner of a business, along with my lifelong best friend.
Together we'd worked our way up, as the burnt sunset hues will blend.

While I was an overachiever, Ruby relished her appropriate downtime,
As the pearly full moon appears appropriately, just after dinnertime.

We had been impoverished in our youths, and had no yearning for more,


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