Anisha Nyambe

April 15, 2009 - Lusaka
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Just Strangers With Memories

We're not friends, not enemies,
just strangers with memories
loosely hanging on the wall;
silently awaiting to die and fall.
Pass me by and remember to forget
a pausing moment you wish to regret.
Our eyes shall meet
and we shall shuffle our feet
when the smile we try to form
is the exact opposite of norm.

Blink once and try to wink
and when it hurt most, just think
of the breathtaking memories
you wish could last for centuries.

We're not friends, not enemies;
just strangers with memories
secretly holding hands
in our minds on distant lands
just to feel and not really feel anything
because all we have done has turned out to be nothing.

Breathe one last breath and wince
because you've never felt this alive since
you died out of a broken heart;
let this moment now tear you apart
and make you scream and groan
and fight with might and moan.

We're not friends, not enemies,
just strangers with memories;
endlessly flowing
seamlessly glowing
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