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by Marilyn Chin

Why cry over dried flowers?
They're meant to be straw.
Why cry over miniature roses?
They're meant to be small.

Why cry over Buddha's hand citron?
Why cry over the hidden flower?
Why cry over Mother's burnt forehead?
Her votive deathglow, her finest hour.

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Um... it doesn't rhyme
by Bogdan Dragos

Um... it doesn't rhyme,
she said

I looked at her
You kidding?

And then she shook her head
No, look, this poem
really has no rhymes
at all


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A Pleasant Surprise
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Warm winds came when the least expected,
With the buttery sun and crimson blooms.
A natural surprise, a turn for the better,
For fast rules need at times to be broken!
And the windows opened to rich sunshine,
As in came spring early, in days of wine.

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Aged Like Wine
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Years go by like a purple blur of time,
As when the ripest grapes are turned,
Into the most luscious and aged wine!
Then memory itself often comes calling,
In sweltering sunshine and in the rain,
Like roaming bluebirds' memories of home,
Or the sweet memories of the honeybee!
Seasons come and go so colorfully vivid,
Obeying a golden rule of sunshine cycles.
Hectic time goes by quickly like rainbows,


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water on earth save water
by sarah shahzad

Free Verse Poem

We drink and use water,

Without knowing what it does,

What benefits it gives,

Water is around but has decreased,


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Recent Free verse Poems
Dressed to Chill
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

A huge yellow moon is glimmering, and a chill wind's in ghostly trees.
This night was made for magic, so we'll get dressed in our very best!
Sable black lipstick for me, and a smoky gray for my brooding eyes,
And lovely rosy red makeup for you, crowned by a silky, orange wig.
The obsidian night is still very young, and we will be gone for hours,
Like juicy fruit patiently ripening, in locations of sunshine and green.
My sleek, midnight black dress, and matching pointy hat, will be a hit,
And your red nose and bright polka dots, will be the height of fashion!
Crows are cawing, the cats are screeching, and bats are flying north-
The luxurious party is waiting, and will be filled with the best dressed.


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by Eliza Connolly

only ever Broken.
inherently Flawed.
Defective Damaged Deficient
Blemished Marred and Spoiled
A fundamental Failure with frames
Unhinged, the Truth laid bare.
though always wanting, only faulty It remains.

But maybe…


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Beautiful Chaos
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Cruising along on a rolling highway,
Petals blowing in a passing breeze,
Bejeweled distant blue skies above,
And a ruby redbird crowd goes past.
The sun is in jade, luxuriant grasses,
And the hills are among ivory clouds,
Colored leaves make pretty scenery,
And russet apples fall from the trees.
Autumn breeze in my hair disheveled,
So common where wind has reveled,


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Glass Half Empty
by Tuesday .

Where the sun’s pride glows red on pale skin
and treasure is clams under our toes
burrowed in the sand.
The air is salty and
the cleanest my lungs have ever felt.
Deer frolick together among the tall brush
Stopping for just a moment, to tell me that I’m alive.

But even then I am on fire,
And the deer are getting sick from the ticks


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Time's Passage
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Vernal springtime is departing,
Leaving plush carpets of petals,
All along scented garden paths,
And also in luxuriant meadows.
The sun has grown deep orange,
With distinct traces of old gold.
Stars embedded in purple flash,
As moon magic charms the hills.
Rosy halcyon days are leaving,
And the mellow hours are near.


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