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First Love
by Brian Patten

Falling in love was like falling down the stairs
Each stair had her name on it
And he went bouncing down each one like a tongue-tied
One day of loving her was an ordinary year
He transformed her into what he wanted
And the scent from her
Was the best scent in the world
Fifteen he was fifteen
Each night he dreamed of her


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First Love
by Wislawa Szymborska

They say
the first love is the most important.
That's very romantic
but it's not the case with me.

There was something between us yet there wasn't.
It transpired and expired.

My hands don't tremble,
when I stumble upon small mementos


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First Love
by Joan Margarit i Consarnau

In the dreary Girona of my seven-year-old self,
where postwar shop-windows
wore the greyish hue of scarcity,
the knife-shop was a glitter
of light in small steel mirrors.
Pressing my forehead against the glass,
I gazed at a long, slender clasp-knife,
beautiful as a marble statue.
Since no one at home approved of weapons,
I bought it secretly, and, as I walked along,


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First Love
by Stanley Jasspon Kunitz

At his incipient sun
The ice of twenty winters broke,
Crackling, in her eyes.

Her mirroring, still mind,
That held the world (made double) calm,
Went fluid, and it ran.

There was a stir of music,
Mixed with flowers, in her blood;


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With Our First Love
by Raymond A Foss

Time in silence,
time in prayer
finding our center
in our God

Time spent silent
open to him
sharing our days
with our first love


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Recent First love Poems
Summers night
by Luise K

You know when I want to kiss you the most?

The feeling when you are outside on a summers evening, right before a summer rain.
When the clouds are filling up the sky and the light is kind of yellow.
The air is slowly clearing up, it is getting fresher while I look into your honey eyes.

You smile, and as I feel your lips and the first raindrops touching me, there is this unconditional feeling of luck starting to appear in my heart and radiates through my whole body.

My knees are getting weak, rain is bashing all around us and there is this smell of summer rain
And you


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I remember
by Julie Staugaard

They say you always remember your first kiss.
So why can’t I remember mine?

I remember the person,
I remember her hair,
The way her mouth was narrow and shaped like a heart.

But I can’t remember when that mouth first touched mine.

I remember the words she spoke,


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by Max Kwoa

Eight long rows still left to explore,
My obese cart makes me worry.
"Hey, can you reach these hellebore? "
A little voice asked all merry.
Cute tomatoes adorning charm;
I obeyed her, feeling sorry.
First time I checked-out at her arm,
Off for a place far from dreary.

(from Kwoa's ~naive~ World Trip


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Call My Name
by Willow Silvera

When you call my name
The world stops moving
The universe pauses to listen
Fireworks go off in the sky
A moment filled with magic
Before time continues to run

When you look into my eyes,
A smile caught on your
Strawberry field lips


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by gabriella Blake

No one really knows me the way you did. I don’t really let people see that side of me. I’m not sure I know that part of me anymore. I wonder if you remember. I wonder if you knew that part was sacred. I wonder if you care.

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