Josh Lyndon

February 9th, 1992, Belfast
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Spring Love

Laid on our backs, looking at the sky,
Small talk and clouds drift on by.
Laid in the heat of mid July sun,
Gazing at your face knowing, you are the one.
Soft breeze and quiet stillness,
Does life get any better than this?
Birds chirp there nothing songs,
No more past, no more wrongs.
Shrewd squirel scampers up a tree,
Look at us both finaly free.
The sweet scent fills the air,
The fruity shampoo from your hair.
Everything i am and love so much,
I would surrender for just one touch.
I hear your voice so gentle with care,
My most wild dreams can't take me there.
Your laughter like honey to my soul,
I have won your love, accomplished my goal.
I told you everything, all my shame,
You see me as I am without my blame.
Come with me now, be my wife,
You are a gift from God, you complete my life.
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