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I’ll Follow You
by Lisa Ducharme

If the world decides to go pitch black
I’ll follow you into the dark

We’ll light a torch
Find our own path through the rubble
Through the dismay

The tears will seal the walls of our home
The foundation will come from us
We will be warriors


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Long nights
by Parul V

The empty nights with hollow sounds
Echoing words and scary hounds

Thunderstorms and cloudy skies
Sunshine is missing, some big dark lies

Lips are smiling and eyes are blank
Wave of thoughts, the heart that sank

It's love and care or only fear


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gloaming dawn
by Mister Rotten


they would divulge
his archetypes were nicotine fetishists,
sluts and alcohol drudges, indulged by stimulants,
the witchcraft of which, results in a twitch
flinching submortem, enriched by the glitch into screeching


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Midnight Stars
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Beauteous darkness,
With a heavenly glow,
That wondrous starkness,
When stars overflow.

Late-night fantasies,
Are woven in time,
With sweet memories,
Of golden day sublime.


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by Man Mryt

I vh.

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Recent Darkness Poems
Save Me
by Srimita Saha

It is a chronicle of Inconsequencial deliberations.
Like the colourless mist diminishing into eternity.
Like the sundial's arms trudging towards the disconsolate reality,
Or a dying amaranth set alight by the crackling inferno of agony.
It is a neverlasting symphony tinted with colouration from all the fragments of my heart.
Where all my Incarcerated sentiments held as the prisoner of my mind.
The lamp of erudition and amour and the silver lining In this labyrinth of my undying faiths,
Viciously drowns in this ocean of my extinguished faiths.
And wretches my implausible soul with exorbitant heartbreak and remnants of torment.
Save me, from this Blue and Grey echoes of the abyssopelagic world


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Clementine Warmth
by Isa Frank


The warmth; upon the walls

spirits of twilight se esconden como niños


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Trick and Treat-Black Night
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

The night was black, a yellow moon was gleaming;
In a nearby wood, night creatures were screaming.
My steps were quickened, eyes rounded in fright;
Such a misfortune to be lost on Halloween night!

Then a ghost drifted to me, as if borne by a breeze;
So dazed and woozy, unconsciousness began to tease.
I revived to see a costumed ghost, sweet and dandy.
"Please feel better," she said, giving me a candy.

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Silhouettes in the Dark
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

graceful dusk dancers
in step with the summer breeze
an evening soiree

fragrant bouncing blooms
along with green nighttime trees
undulate wildly

tall grasses quiver
birds dip while immersed in song


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by Man Mryt

I vh.

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