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Beauty in the Dark
by Nicole B

Her beauty crept through her bones and oozed through her pores.

As she spoke gold dripped from her tongue and fire spit from her lips

The Panther in the shadows walked with grace and certainty

Hungry for attention, affection, and a spark to ignite her life she pawed down every compliment thrown at her

She satisfied to be unsatisfied. To simply exist in the darkness where there was very little to hurt her and even less to make her happy


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gloaming dawn
by Mister Rotten


they would divulge
his archetypes were nicotine fetishists,
sluts and alcohol drudges, indulged by stimulants,
the witchcraft of which, results in a twitch
flinching submortem, enriched by the glitch into screeching


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I’ll Follow You
by Lisa Ducharme

If the world decides to go pitch black
I’ll follow you into the dark

We’ll light a torch
Find our own path through the rubble
Through the dismay

The tears will seal the walls of our home
The foundation will come from us
We will be warriors


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Save Me
by rye .

It is a chronicle of Inconsequencial deliberations.
Like the colourless mist diminishing into eternity.
Like the sundial's arms trudging towards the disconsolate reality,
Or a dying amaranth set alight by the crackling inferno of agony.
It is a neverlasting symphony tinted with colouration from all the fragments of my heart.
Where all my Incarcerated sentiments held as the prisoner of my mind.
The lamp of erudition and amour and the silver lining In this labyrinth of my undying faiths,
Viciously drowns in this ocean of my extinguished faiths.
And wretches my implausible soul with exorbitant heartbreak and remnants of torment.
Save me, from this Blue and Grey echoes of the abyssopelagic world


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by Ghassan Zaqtan

Darkness has a hole,
with space for a hand,
black, with five fingers and an arm
Darkness owns a house,
haunted by the dead,
reburying their secrets in the bricks
Darkness kills the voices
mouthing from the stones,
choking in nettles at the bottom of the well
And a cry,


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Recent Darkness Poems
Haiku On A Somber Wave
by Chloe Foster

The ocean is moved,
The wave laps at the shoreline,
The ocean returns

The salt attacks me,
I take in the surrealness,
It’s a pleasant sting

The wave is dismissed,
The wave draws back somberly,


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by Chloe Foster

The infinite opposition that stretches into the mind,
Cutting through the vast emptiness,
A singularity of grand finality.
Neither time nor space applies,
It always is and always will be,
Far beyond the limits of human language,
Its existence is the antithesis of quantum reasoning.
It is there before an observance and it will be there after.
Should I find comfort in such presentness?


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Like Night and Day
by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Peaceful, mysterious
Sparkling, dreaming, soothing
Luster, glow, brilliance, colors,
Warming, nurturing, dazzling
Abundant, precious

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by Lauren Davies

i feel my way through the darkness, stumbling
over every bump
falling through every crack
looking for you
holding my hand out for you;
always looking
for you.
one day i will remember it was you
who took away the light

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The Darkness of the Night
by Jordan Preston

Every morning, when the sun comes up,
And the night fades away,
And the birds sing, and the people laugh,
I awake from the bright light of the sun,
And the hope that the night will go away,
But my mind stays asleep,
In the darkness of the night,
Yet my body dance sand, my smile shines bright,
Still, in my head,
I am lost in the night.


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